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The VJacket is a wearable controller for live video performance. Built into this old bomber jacket are all kinds of sensors to control visuals on the screen: hit sensors, light sensors, bend sensors and touch sliders which allow you to control video effects and transitions, trigger clips and scratch frames all from the comfort of your own jacket. This way, the VJ is freed from the boring, cumbersome interface of mouse and keyboard, and instead can use the very clothes on his body to control the video and sound with a precise dance converting convulsing limbs into luscious light shows. Each sensor sends fully-customizable OpenSoundControl or MIDI messages wirelessly over Bluetooth to the VJ program of your choice using the Arduino2OSC bridge.

The Arduino2OSC bridge interface we developed for Arduino projects can send any type of OSC message to any program, including other video or audio programs, such as Resolume Avenue, Arkaos Grand VJ, Reaktor, Propellerheads Reason, Supercollider, Max/MSP, etc. Thus you can use the VJacket to not only control video, but sound and other networked interactive media as well. All the code and hardware design is open source so others can make their own wearable controllers to contribute to the growing wave of performative fashion.

Read more about the technical implementation of the VJacket.

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