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Here some photos of the new Vshield. We want to use the jacket for a dance performance and trigger sound effects / videos with it.
We stick to the clever design of the Vshield v.1.0 that was developed earlier with Tyler. For this version we adjusted the sensors to: 

- 3 piezo sensors
- 2 bend sensors
- 1 softpot

Here you see a sketch with the placement of the sensors:
Here a breadboard screenshot of the setup:


A photo of the material: 

- 1x 3 Break away male pins
- 2x 5 Break away male pins
- 2x 5 Break away female header pins
- 1x 3 Break away female header pins
- 1x 2 Break away female header pins

- 3x 1M Ohm
- 2x 470 Ohm
- 1x 100 Ohm
Capacitors (not in the picture)
- 3x 1nF

PCB board:
- 1x Stripboard (12x 20 holes)


First we soldered the header pins on the side. We just soldered the outer pins and then put the vshield on the arduino. Therefore the pins could easier adjust to the arduino board and fitted perfectly!

Then we stacked the resistors in place. 

Analog in:
0: Softpot
1: Piezo
2: Piezo
3: Piezo
4: Bend 
5: Bend


Soldering the sensors:

Geoffrey and Kevin soldering the sensors.

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